Jazz Age Cocktail Soiree

1PM - 3PM Saturday the 9th of March

The Port Phillip Mussel and Jazz Festival will be in full swing outside, we have a special drinks menu for the festival all weekend and we thought what better way to celebrate than an early afternoon cocktail tasting before we head over for some mussels and a jig.  


The Jazz Age, defined by a rebellious spirit, newfound freedoms, and the Prohibition era's clandestine speakeasie left an indelible mark on cocktail culture. The illicit allure of hidden bars spurred mixologists to concoct inventive drinks that masked the taste of bootlegged spirits, giving rise to iconic libations like the Martini, the Sidecar, and the Old Fashioned. 


Cocktails of the Jazz Age were characterized by bold flavors, exotic ingredients, and creative garnishes, reflecting the era's adventurous ethos. Mirroring the lively rhythms of jazz music, the cocktail scene became a vibrant social experience, where the fusion of audacious flavors and dynamic atmospheres created an unforgettable indulgence.  


So come indulge with us as we present 5 cocktails in the Casa de Vinos Lounge before heading over to join the festivities of the Port Phillip Mussel and Jazz Festival.   Find out more about the festival here: 


For any questions about our event feel free to reach out via events@casadevinos.com.au 


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