7pm Thursday 21st of July

Casa de Vinos Lounge – 283 Coventry Street South Melbourne

Encased by thick, salty fog from the sea and surrounded by the clean air of rural Northern Japan on the island of Hokkaidō sits the Akkeshi Distillery.   One of the most admired and anticipated of the new Japanese distilleries, Akkeshi personifies finesse, authenticity and essence.   Utilising traditional distillation methods with their own unique distillery nuances Akkeshi is a distillery on the rise to very big places.  


We are very humbled to be the Australian importers for this amazing distillery and are excited to be able to present for the first time an evening of Akkeshi in the Casa de Vinos Lounge.   The evening will double as the Australian launch of the recent Akkeshi releases Ritto, Shosho and Daikan, part of their 24 seasons series.


Each whisky on the night has been expertly parried to accompanying canapes inspired by the environment and magnificent produce surrounding the distillery and Hokkaidō.   The whiskies and canapes will be presented in a guided tasting format with a small amount of some of the whiskies available for purchase on the night.   The evening will begin with a welcome cocktail in the store foyer before proceeding to the lounge to commence the event.  The whiskies included in the tasting are:


Akkeshi Ritto ‘Winter Begins’ Single Malt Japanese Whisky, 55% abv

Akkeshi Daikan ‘The Peak of Winter’ M&G Whisky, 48% abv

Akkeshi Shosho ‘Summer Fades’ M&G Whisky, 48% abv

Akkeshi Boshu ‘Sowing of the Grain’ Single Malt Japanese Whisky, 55% abv

Akkeshi Usui ‘Rain Water’ Whisky, M&G Whisky, 48% abv

Akkeshi Kanro ‘Cold Drops of Dew’ Single Malt Peated Japanese Whisky, 55% abv


We hope you can join us in the lounge for this evening of exceptional whiskies and canapes as we discover the amazing whiskies of the Akkeshi Distillery. 

Please reach out to us with any dietary requirements and we will endeavour to meet needs where possible.  Once purchased tickets are non-refundable, if unable to attend due to Covid measures please get in touch as early as possible so we can arrange recompense and reallocate your ticket.


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