About Cafe Mullassano

Caffe Mulassano, a historic café in Turin, Italy, has been a cornerstone of Italian culture and tradition for over a century. Established as a bottling company in the late 19th century, the café found its true calling under the leadership of Amilcare Mulassano. When Angela and Onorino Nebiolo took over in 1925, they introduced the iconic tramezzino sandwich, elevating the café's culinary offerings to international acclaim.

Caffe Mulassano's Vermouth is a signature drink that reflects the rich history and vibrant culture of Turin. In its early days, the café was a favored gathering spot for members of the Royal House and artists from the nearby Teatro Regio. As times changed, it became a meeting place for directors, actors, and singers. Notable patrons like Erminio Macario found inspiration at Caffe Mulassano. Macario would often enjoy his Vermouth by the window, observing the diverse crowd of Turin and drawing inspiration for his famous cartoons and caricatures.

Today, Caffe Mulassano continues to be a cherished establishment, maintaining its original charm while adapting to modern tastes. The Vermouth remains a staple, capturing the essence of Turin's social fabric and artistic spirit. At Casa de Vinos, we are proud to offer this exclusive Vermouth, a true testament to Italian craftsmanship and tradition.

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