Akkeshi - Hokkaido

Akkeshi Distillery: A New Japanese Whisky Distillery to Watch

Akkeshi Distillery is a new Japanese whisky distillery located in the town of Akkeshi on the northern island of Hokkaido. The distillery was founded in 2016.

Akkeshi Distillery is inspired by the Scottish whisky tradition, and uses traditional methods to produce its whiskies. The distillery has two pot stills, and uses peated barley to produce single malt whiskies with a strong smoky flavor.

The water used in the production of Akkeshi whiskies comes from the Homakai River, which is said to have a similar mineral profile to the water used in Scottish whisky production. The distillery also benefits from a cool, moist climate that is ideal for whisky maturation.

Akkeshi Distillery has only been in operation for a few years, but its whiskies have already won awards at international whisky competitions. The distillery is a promising new addition to the Japanese whisky scene, and its whiskies are sure to become popular with whisky lovers around the world.

In our Casa de Vinos view, this could be one of the most exciting new distilleries in Japan, we have most of their releases available for tasting in our lounge bar.

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