Old Kempton

Old Kempton Distillery was founded in 2012 by the Hope family and industry veterans Bill and Lyn Lark. It originally operated as Redlands Estate in the Derwent Valley before relocating to the historic Dysart House in Kempton and rebranding as Old Kempton in 2015.

Rob Tyson, a seasoned distiller with a decade of experience at the Lark Distillery, leads production at Old Kempton. He works closely with the brewer, Last Rites, to ensure the selection of grain, yeast, and fermentation time meet his standards. In the near future, Tyson plans to bring brewing in-house to enhance the distillery's "fermentation equals flavor" philosophy.

Old Kempton exclusively uses Tasmanian-grown and malted barley and follows a traditional approach to distillation, using Knapp Lewer copper pot stills. The maturation process is carefully managed to ensure each cask contributes to the unique character of Old Kempton's whiskies. The inventory of casks includes ex-Australian Tawny, Bourbon, Pinot Noir, and a mix of other types as they become available.

Old Kempton's range includes single malt whiskies, such as The Old Stables and Cask Strength Coachhouse, a classic range of Ex-Port and Ex-Pinot Noir cask single malts, and a Solera Cask Single Malt. The distillery also produces a range of small-batch gins named after William Henry Ellis, who built the Dysart House, and two liqueurs made from Tasmanian ingredients.

Old Kempton's commitment to quality and its unique production process have earned it recognition, including the award for Best Australian Small Batch Single Malt Whisky at the 2022 World Whisky Awards.

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