Whisky Abbey

Author: Jose Dymenstein  

Whisky Abbey Festival 

Saturday 20th of November 2021 - 11am to 5pm


Casa de Vinos is organising its first whisky festival. After 10 years in the business we have decided to run our own festival. We have invited a lot of our friends to exhibit with us at the Abbotrsford Convent on Saturday 20th of November 2021

At Whisky Abbey you will be able to purchase all the drams by 15ml pours, there will be more than 400 whiskies to taste and you also will be able to purchase some of your favorite products on the day directly from the producers and Importers. 

The show will run on 1 session only from 11am until 5pm. There are several food vendors in the abbotsford convent where customers will be able to have some lunch.

List of Exhibitors:

Australian Distilleries

  • Adelaide Hills Distillery
  • Archie Rose Distillery
  • Bakery Hill Distillery
  • Backwoods Distillery
  • Black Gate Distillery
  • Chiefs Son Distillery
  • Fleurieu Distillery
  • Starward Whisky
  • more coming soon....

International Exhibitors

  • Akkeshi Distillery - Japan
  • Chichibu Distillery - Japan
  • Hart Brothers Indepdent Bottler - Scotland
  • James Eadie Indepdent Bottler - Scotland
  • La Maison du Whisky Retailer/Indepdendent Bottler - France
  • Sansibar Whisky Independent Bottler - Germany
  • Scotch Malt Whisky Society Independent Bottler - Scotland
  • The Elisyan Whisky Bar - Australia
  • The Nectar of the Daily Drams Independent Bottler - Belgium
  • The Oak Barrel Store - Australia
  • The Whisky Agency Independent Bottler - Germany
  • Valinch and Mallet Independent Bottler - Italy
  • Whisky and Alement Bar - Australia
  • Wilson and Morgan Independent Bottler - Italy
  • more to be announced soon....


Tickets on Sale 1st of June 2021

1st release $45 - Complimentary Whisky Abbey tasting glass.

15ml nips starting at $3


*** Its a requirement to be double vaccinated to attend the festival and proof of vaccination will be required upon entry