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World Margarita Day Celebration Event

2pm Saturday the 24th of February

Join us in the lounge for a delightful occasion where we'll raise our glasses to the incredible world of margaritas.


World of Rum Tasting Evening

7pm Wednesday 28th February

We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to you for an exquisite rum-tasting event at Casa de Vinos, marking our inaugural rum gathering for 2024.


Jazz Age Cocktail Soiree

1PM Saturday the 9th of March

So come indulge with us as we present 5 cocktails in the Casa de Vinos Lounge before heading over to join the festivities of the Port Phillip Mussel and Jazz Festival.


St Patrick's Day Eve Irish Whiskey Tasting

3pm Saturday 16th of March

We have been getting some incredible Irish whiskey in the shop over recent times and we thought what better occasion to open them up than on the eve of St Patrick's Day. 


Love of Loire Wine Evening

7pm Friday 12th of April

Loire Valley Region of France, a land steeped in centuries of winemaking tradition and renowned for its picturesque vineyards that stretch along the meandering Loire River.