Maison Fontan 1998 Armagnac, Version Française by LMDW 700ml 54.6% abv 

Introducing the MAISON FONTAN 1998 Version Française 700ml, a standout bottle you won't want to miss. This Armagnac comes from the Fontan family's vineyard in France, a place known for making top-notch spirits for over four generations. And guess what? It's bottled by LMDW, one of the most trusted names in the business.

So, what's it like? First, the smell. Imagine a mix of beeswax, leather, and a hint of citrus. It's complex but not overwhelming. Take a sip, and you'll taste a blend of chocolate, orange, and almond, balanced by herbal notes. It's smooth, rich, and leaves a lasting impression.

But it's not just about the taste. This bottle is a nod to the Fontan family's long history and their commitment to quality. They use traditional methods mixed with modern tech to give you a drink that's both authentic and top-quality.



About Maison Fontan

Maison Fontan is a family-owned vineyard with a rich history that spans over four generations. Located in the heart of Gers, France, this 80-hectare estate is operated by siblings Nadège and Sylvain Fontan, who are deeply committed to upholding their family's legacy and unique style in viticulture. Originally a polyculture farm, Domaine de Maubet transitioned to an exclusively viticultural domain in the 1980s and has since been a pioneer in producing and exporting wines under the Appellation Côtes de Gascogne.

The vineyard's terroir is as unique as its history. Situated at an altitude of 200 meters in the Bas-Armagnac region, the soil is a blend of clay, boulbènes (sands and silts), and even fossils from the Jurassic period. This diverse geological makeup is particularly conducive to growing a variety of grapes, including the rich and concentrated Tannat variety.

Maison Fontan is not just about wines; it's also about Flocs de Gascogne and Armagnacs. The Fontan family and their passionate team focus on using local grape varieties to create wines that are accessible, festive, authentic, and original. Their approach is a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, aiming to produce wines that are representative of both the region and their family heritage.


Colour: orange copper
Nose: firm, powerful. On the first nose, beeswax, varnish and leather form a very dense first olfactory sequence. After aeration, the nose opens with notes of marmalade, Armenian paper, eucalyptus and tobacco, which are just as complex. Scents of lime blossom, cedar and orange zest then gradually arrive at the front of the aromatic palette.
Palate: lively, slender. In line with the nose, the attack on the palate is a subtle blend of chocolate, orange blossom, toasted almond and marmalade. On the mid-palate, aromatic plants (sage, savory, rosemary) and vanilla pods counterbalance notes of varnish, apricot kernel and royal jelly. The aftertaste is slightly camphorated and empyreumatic (burnt wood, incense).
Overall: long, racy. At the start of the finish, raisins, cocoa beans, Emery cloth and apricot jam review the heady, suave and syrupy character of the taste palette. The retro-olfaction is liquorice and its very fine grain evokes the sandy soils of Armagnac. The empty glass shines with balsamic (cypress, pine) and empyreumatic (prune, apricot kernel) freshness.

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