Rey Campero - Artisanal Mezcal 100% Mexican Owned

Mezcal's popularity continues to skyrocket, with every bottle carrying captivating stories from producers to eager consumers. In Oaxaca, Mexico, mezcal production is a cherished family tradition passed down through generations. In these communities, each family member plays a vital role in the process, from nurturing and harvesting agave plants to meticulous distillation and packaging. This collaborative effort represents the rich heritage of Candelaria Yegolé, a small town nestled in the Tlacolula Valley.

Located in the southeastern part of the valley, at the foothills of the Sierra Sur de Oaxaca, Candelaria Yegolé is home to Casa Sánchez, where four generations of mezcal masters have honed their craft. Their unwavering dedication to the land has resulted in exceptional mezcals, showcased through their Rey Campero releases. These mezcals, crafted from a variety of agave plants, embody the region's rich traditions and craftsmanship. Each bottle tells a unique story, reflecting the expertise and passion of the mezcal makers.

Through their Rey Campero releases, Casa Sánchez proudly shares the wisdom and traditions of their ancestors with the world. With every sip, consumers can experience the authentic flavours and cultural significance of Oaxacan mezcal, making each bottle a true treasure for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

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