Rey Campero Mexicano Mezcal 700ml, 48.4% ABV

Bearing the name of maguey rodacantha in the enchanting state of Oaxaca, the Mexican maguey emerges as one of the rarest treasures for mezcal production. With a patient maturation period of 8, 10, or even more years, it unveils its exceptional character over time. This esteemed agave variety, sought after with reverence, embodies the essence of scarcity and allure, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication involved in the creation of mezcal.  

Rey Campero

Mezcal's popularity continues to soar, with each bottle carrying the captivating stories that travel from the producers to the eager consumer. In the communities of Oaxaca, Mexico, the art of mezcal production is a treasured family tradition passed down through generations. Within these mezcal-making families, every member possesses a deep understanding of the entire process and undertakes various tasks. They nurture and harvest agave plants, perform meticulous preparatory work and distillation, and handle the packaging and marketing of this precious spirit.

This family and community work model represents an invaluable heritage deeply ingrained in Candelaria Yegolé, a small town nestled in the southeastern part of the Tlacolula Valley, at the foothills of the Sierra Sur de Oaxaca. The combination of unwavering dedication and profound reverence for the land has fostered the expertise of four generations of mezcal masters from Casa Sánchez. Today, they proudly share their wisdom with the world, offering exceptional mezcals through their Rey Campero releases, which encompass a wide array of agave varieties. Each bottle eloquently sings a unique melody, capturing the rich traditions and craftsmanship of the region.

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