About Samai Rum

Samai Distillery, Cambodia's first-ever premium rum distillery, now proudly featured at Casa de Vinos. Samai is more than just a brand; it's a revolutionary spirit that captures the essence of Cambodia's rich natural resources and cultural heritage.

Founded with a vision to create world-class rums, Samai Distillery utilizes Cambodia's top-quality sugarcane to produce a thick caramel molasses, the foundation of all their rums. What sets Samai apart is its unique blend of Latin American rum-making traditions and Asian roots. This fusion results in rums that are as complex as they are delightful, offering a taste experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.

At the heart of Samai's operations is Ms. Moang Darachampich, the first rum master distiller in Cambodia. Under her expert guidance, a team of passionate individuals from diverse cultures come together to craft rums that are a true representation of Samai's commitment to quality and innovation.

The name "Samai" itself is a testament to the brand's forward-thinking approach. In Khmer, "Samai" signifies "modern," "new generation," and "look towards the future." It encapsulates the distillery's mission to elevate and share the craft of distilling premium Asian spirits worldwide. Using locally grown ingredients and a dash of innovation, Samai aims to produce rums that Cambodians can take pride in and that the world will love.

At Casa de Vinos, we are thrilled to bring you this exceptional brand that not only offers premium quality but also embodies a rich cultural narrative. Experience the taste of Cambodia's finest rums and be part of a new generation of spirit enthusiasts who appreciate the craft and passion that go into every bottle of Samai.

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