About Domaine de Saoubis

Domaine de Saoubis is a name that resonates with quality and tradition in the world of Armagnac. Situated in the Bas-Armagnac region, this estate has carved out a unique identity for itself. Managed by the Maurice de Mandelaëre family, the estate has been a pioneer in biodynamic agriculture since 1997. This commitment to natural farming practices sets them apart in the industry and adds a layer of authenticity to their products.

What makes Domaine de Saoubis truly special is its focus on the environment. The estate's 10-hectare vineyard is surrounded by woods and moors, offering natural protection and contributing to the unique character of their spirits. The soil is siliceous clay, which is poor in limestone but sometimes acidic, making it ideal for their chosen grape varieties like Folle Blanche, Colombard, and Baco. Interestingly, Folle Blanche dominates their vineyard, a rarity in the Armagnac world.

Quality is a non-negotiable aspect for Domaine de Saoubis. The estate uses only free-run juice and the first press juice for distillation, ensuring that each bottle meets their high standards. Their Armagnacs are aged in 400-liter oak casks, and no added sugars, sulphites, or colorants are used. This meticulous approach to production guarantees that each bottle is a true representation of the estate's commitment to excellence.

In addition to Armagnac, Domaine de Saoubis also produces a range of liqueurs through various methods like infusion and extraction. This versatility in their product line shows that they are not just traditionalists but also innovators.


Appearance : deep burnished gold.

Nose : rich, well-developed. Characterized by candied citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit) and notes of rice pudding, the first nose reveals incredible herbaceous freshness (vine flower, bay leaf). Allowed to breathe, whole bunches of grape are poured into the hopper for destemming. Lime blossom and lavender honey then make a deep-rooted pairing with spices (pepper, clove, star anise). Exotic fruits (kaffir lime, roasted pineapple) wonderfully punctuate the first stage of the tasting.

Palate : soft, balanced. The slightly empyreumatic attack (eucalyptus, thuja) is also deliciously vanilla (flan), resinous and balsamic (pine cones). The rustic mid-palate (dandelion, clay) reveals a particularly fine texture (rice powder). At this point, the resemblance with a great Linkwood is unmistakable. The flowery end of the palate (daisy, honeysuckle) is also rooty (gentian, génépi).

Overall : long, smooth. The energetic start of the finish reveals flavours of tobacco and grated ginger. A beautiful herbaceous bitterness (cut hay, lucerne) brings lots of freshness to the end of the finish. The chocolatey, camphoric and vegetal (camomile) retro-nasal olfaction reveals flavours of wax and candied lemon. The empty glass is chocolatey, spicy (ginger, cinnamon) and vanilla. A lovely salinity is also present.

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