CDV Cocktail Club Presents - Retro Refreshments Cocktail Afternoon Saturday 5th of August 

Step into the CDV Lounge as we proudly present: Retro Refreshments! We invite you to join us and experience the outrageous extravagance of the 70s, complete with the most exorbitant cocktails from the golden era of disco.

Ah, the 70s, a decade of innocent-sounding drinks that took a turn! The innocent Sloe Gin Fizz met the "Screwdriver" and out came the audacious "Slow Screw." But it didn't stop there! Who could forget the  "Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against The Wall." The suggestive names were just the start of the fun! After all, the 70s knew how to get creative with both music and mixology!

These iconic cocktails defined the era just as much as the chart-topping songs, the far-out fashion, and the mind-boggling designs. So join us and discover the big cocktails of the 1970s… Trust us, they're totally worth revisiting today! Throughout the afternoon, we'll serve up five sensational cocktails, expertly crafted using our range of premium and exciting spirits. You'll sip, you'll savor, and you'll be transported back to the days of disco, all in the name of retro indulgence!  As well as cocktails and spirits there will also be paired cheese and charcuterie to take the afternoon to a whole other level.  

We hope you can join us then!


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