Ichiros Malt Mizunara Wood Reserve Malt Whisky 700ml (46%Alc)  

Mizunara wood is an oak that was used extensively in Japanese whisky production for the first time during the second world war when American and European oak barrels were hard to obtain.   During this Initial stage it was thought that Mizunara wood was not suitable for whisky because it left such a strong oaky taste, the wood also provided practical problems like its high moisture content and wavy growing shape.  The key turned out to be leaving the whisky in the barrels for a much longer period than previously thought so the Mizunara wood could impart the right kind of flavour.   That right kind of amroma is now highly sort after displaying sandlewood and coconut notes.   Ichiro Akuto has found that amazing flavour and this whisky is one of the finnest testaments to the desirable complexity Mizunara wood can impart on a whisky.   As well as maturing in casks with Mizunara wood heads the fermentation process is uniquely done using Mizunara wood as well. 

Displaying a polished mahogany colour the first notes on the nose of this whisky are unsurprisingly Mizunara oak forward with the gentleness of the sandalwood coming forward playing host to initial grassy, straw and cigar box notes.   After that bright fruit notes present themselves in the form of grapefruit, apple and coconut.   The palate is moreish as the nostalgic flavour of toffee apple comes forward, there is a real sweet spiciness that develops with cinnamon, nutmeg, gloves and ginger all bouncing around,  secondary notes of fresh orchard fruit like apple and pear perfectly balance this complex yet welcoming palate.   For the richness of the palate the finish is suprisingly delicate as the sweet spices gentley tickle the tongue disipating in a short - medium length finish. 


ABV: 46%

Non-chill filtered

Colour: Polished mahogany.
Nose: Notes of the Mizunara oak gently greet your nose with sandalwood, soft grassy and cigar box notes. Hints of port, grapefruit, apples and a whiff of coconut balance the honey and toasty wood notes.

Palate: The palate is rich, and spicy with hints of toffee apples. Sweet spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, gloves and ginger, are beautifully matched with fruitful notes of red apple and pear.

Finish: Sweet spices tickle your tongue, with a sweet and medium finish.


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Brand Chichibu Distillery / Ichiros Malt
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